Travel Case


Made from bamboo.

Drainage hole to keep your toothbrush dry.

South African lid to remind you of home.

Note: toothbrush not included.



There’s few things more uncomfortable, to a self-admitted semi-germophobe such as myself, than throwing my toothbrush into my toiletries bag right alongside the razor, shower gel and mini bottle of shampoo that always ends up having more shampoo on its bottle than in my hair. It’s bound to taste soapy when I arrive, late in the evening after a long drive snacking on my roosterkoek from the padstal near Swellendam. Sub-ideal.

That’s why we decided to sell these. If you’ve got a bamboo toothbrush (if not, why not?) and you ever leave the house, you probably need this. Either this, or you’ll have to use plastic wrap (ugh please don’t), or you’ll also have a soapy mouth when you finish the long drive spent eating roosterkoeks from Swellendam.

The case itself is made from bamboo, and is large enough to fit a toothbrush in, comfortably. It has a drainage hole at the bottom of the case to prevent liquid from welling up inside it. Of course, our logo is proudly emblazoned on the outside, as well as an engraving of South Africa on the lid – just to remind you, wherever you go, that South Africa is your home (shame for you if it isn’t).

Here’s a song, just to remind you what’ll happen if you don’t buy this travel case. Consider it motivation by negative association 😉


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